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Building Bombs
Cast and Characters


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Isobel 180 pixels

Camilia Sanes (Isobel)

Camilia Sanes plays "Isobel", a Staten Island working-class girl that wants to "make it" in Manhattan.

"Mike, I need you to make me a bomb."


David Fuhrer (Mike)

David Fuhrer plays "Mike", a would-be unabomber whose confrontational exterior hides his true self.

"I work for THE MAN."


Ashlee Temple (Janice)

Ashlee Temple plays "Janice", Arnold's trophy wife who is not as stupid as Ted thinks.

"How's the dissertation coming along Ted? Care to share a little insight with us before dinner?"


Chelsea Altman (Melissa)

Chelsea Altman plays "Melissa", Isobel's self-help book obsessed sister.

"I read this book that says never, ever support a man. Especially, when his father is loaded."


Tummy The Sock

Tummy The Sock is the singing puppet host of children's TV show. His banal songs address the world's problems better than Ted's dissertation.

"With a knick-knack paddy whack, give a dog a bone, God is dead, you're all alone."

Ted Blue:180 Pixel

Bo Foxworth (Ted)

Bo Foxworth plays "Ted", Isobel's trust fund boyfriend and would be writer of best selling philosphy books that read not unlike self-help books.

"People are dying for it."


Stuart Dillon (Arnold)

Stuart Dillon plays "Arnold", Ted's controlling Wall Streeter father.

"I've had my fair share of stewardesses in my time, but at least I had the sense never to shack up with one."


Dominic Hamilton-Little (Dr. Devorsey)

Dominic Hamilton-Little plays "Dr. Devorsey", Ted's thesis-advisor.

"Ted, you know me to be a fair and honest person, never one to let personalties get in the way of evaluating a dissertation. But in your case, I am willing to make an exception."


Lisa Harris (Diane)

Lisa Harris plays "Diane", Isobel's Radcliffe educated boss.

"You wouldn't happen to know of a bodega around here that's ... you know, safe?

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